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What is pH Level?

pH stands for ‘Potential of Hydrogen’. It is a measure of acidity or alkalinity of water-soluble substances. pH value is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. 7 is the neutral point. Values between 0 to 7 indicate acidity, 0 being the most acidic. Values between 7 to 14 indicate alkalinity, 14 being the most alkaline. Pure water is neutral i.e. pH value of distilled water is 7. To understand it better, please see the pH level chart where pH of pure water is precisely midway between drain cleaner and battery acid. This pH level chart is logarithmic and proceeds in powers of 10. Each incremental value means a 10-fold increase in acidity or alkalinity. Milk with a pH value of 6 is 10 times as acidic as pure water which has a pH of 7. Whereas coffee is 10 times more acidic than milk and 100 times more acidic than water. Alternatively, the pH value of human blood is 8 which is 10 times more alkaline than the pure water and egg-white is 10 times more alkaline than our blood and 100 times more alkaline than plain water. Water always contains dissolved acids and salts. This makes the pH value of water more or less than 7. These dissolved salts are what gives drinking water a slight taste as opposed to distilled water. Summarising it, Pure water, which has the pH level of 7and is considered “neutral” since it has neither acidic nor basic qualities. In current scenario, it is not feasible to get pure water. But with a water purifier like that of Alkaviva, you can get better and healthy water which is the outcome of multi-stage process. Moreover, this water is fortified with minerals while maintaining the adequate pH balance. So, without any delay, get an Alkaviva water purifier today and enjoy better and healthy drinking water. GreenEra is the India’s Exclusive Distributor for alkaline water ionizer machines in india.

Drinking Water Contaminants, You Should Know About

Physical – These substances affect the physical properties of water. Soil and organic matter are the most common under this type. If you have ever seen brown water in a river or lake, you have seen water contaminated by soil. Clearing this type of contaminant is often easier than other types. Chemical – Chemical substances include anything from pesticides and nitrogen from farms to bleach, metals, toxins, and other various chemicals that are often natural, but very frequently man-made in origin. Biological – Those are living organisms like parasites, bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. Drinking water that has been contaminated with these substances can make you sick and introduce waterborne illnesses (which are a big deal in underdeveloped or developing countries like INDIA). Radiological – These substances can be dangerous. They emit radiation of some kind. For instance, uranium, cesium, or radium. Presently in the wake of thinking about the water polluting influences, it is crucial to relate to the procedure to evacuate such contaminants. The most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from and dispense with polluting influences is through water filtration frameworks. Alkaviva, the brand for electrical and non-electrical ionizer, has a variety of products viz Vesta H2, Athena H2, Melody II, Delphi H2, Elita Pure and many more. Since a contaminant in water can be perilous, it is imperative to put resources into a best quality filtration technology like UltraWater filtration which is offered by Alkaviva to have a safe and better drinking water. In this way, with Alkaviva alkaline water filter and water ionizer, make certain to have Better Health!