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Compare AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers with Enagic (Kangen), Tyent and Life Ionizers

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Delphi, Vesta and Athena H2, Melody II

Kangen SD 501

MXL Series

Ace, Edge and UEC
Rating (1 to 10) 9 5 7 6
1We recommend you carefully check out the size and finish on any ionizer since it is so easy to digitally enhance the appearance of ionizer images.
1Elegant Design
2All brands can ionize (-ORP) your water and make it more bio-available. However, if heavy metals and other contaminants are not filtered out, then they also will be ionized and made more bio-
2How Good Are Filters? Independent test results from USA certified laboratories show a 99.9% reduction of 172 contaminants. Standard Carbon Filter Simple Carbon with Vitamin C Filter. Good at removing chlorine. Standard Carbon Filter
Filters are Biodegradable
Ionizer Needs External Filters
3As technology improves products get smaller and smarter (think cell phones etc). High wattage and large cells are signs of old or poor quality and create more cell damage over time.
3Power Efficiency
Wattage Needed For Top Result 130 Watts 230 Watts 800 Watts 750 Watts
3Power Efficiency
Compact Cell Size
Reduced EMF
4Regular cleaning of the cell greatly reduces risk of damage and scaling. Most models clean regularly in the background as you use, but others do not. The cell is the most expensive and critical part of an ionizer.
4Have To Wait While Cleaning
Cleans Using 1:1 Ratio
5Be sure to carefully look at the 'fine print' when checking out warranty.
5Warranty 2 Years 5 Years Limited Lifetime* Must install and maintain external pre-filters / housing to be valid Lifetime
Includes Flow Control Knob For Fewer Issues
6What is critical is how powerful is the pH, -ORP and H2 at drinkable levels. Ideal drinking range is 9 - 9.5 pH. Measurements should also be taken at full flow.
6pH Range (No Additives Used) 3.5 pH to 11 pH 4 pH to 10.5 pH 4 pH to 11 pH 4 pH to 11 pH
H2 Capacity 1.0+ ppm .5 ppm .8 ppm .8 ppm
-ORP Capacity -850 ORP -750 ORP -850 ORP -850 ORP
7AlkaViva is the oldest importer of water ionizers outside Asia. Owners of Life Ionizers and Tyent companies were AlkaViva dealers before importing themselves.
7How Long Selling Ionizers 17 years 11 years 14 years 14 years
When Accredited With BBB? 2007 2008 Not 2009
8Can Your Model Go Under The Counter And How Much Space Does it Take Up? Does Company Offer A Dedicated Under Counter Model?
8Can All Models Also Be Installed Under Counter?
Is Dedicated Under Counter Model Available?