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UltraWater Filtration Technology - Tested for 172 Contaminants

Better Performance. Safer Water. Better Health.

Healthy water has to be clean water. Other ionizer filters simply cannot handle well known water contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chromium VI – and a host of others. Independent EPA / NELAP certified lab testing shows UltraWater reduces virtually all contaminants up to 99.9% — even the toughest including arsenic, chromium VI, lead, VOCs and pharmaceuticals.

16 Supercharged Medias &
Advanced Filtration Technologies.

Sediment Shield Standard GAC filters do not offer this component. It is an electrostatic wrap comprised
of polypropylene spun fiber. It is designed to provide a mechanical barrier to sediment
– meaning it traps the sediment.

Biostone Booster NSF certified slow-eluting bio-ceramic CaSO3 balls target chlorine, chloramine
and heavy metals. It is more effective than GAC or KDF. 100g of CaSO3 will outperform carbon and
KDF by a factor of x2.

UltraWater Disk Technology is the first turbocharger in UltraWater. We take a high-tech NSF certified
reticulated foam and impregnate it with three cutting edge NSF certified medias offering unmatched
heavy metal and organics reduction allowing us to target contaminants that other filters can’t
- such as arsenic.

BioStone Carbon with Impregnation Plus is the second turbo charger.Our NSF certified carbon
(both block and loose forms) is catalyzed and has the highest adsorption pore concentration available.
Then it’s impregnated with natural zeolite and silver. The zeolite adds matrix complexity, reduces the pore
size and offers a slight ion-exchange effect. Silver prevents bacteria growth. We sinter and compress our
blocks under high temperature and heat – we never extrude. Our proprietary process greatly increases the
surface area, contact time and performance.

Bioceramic Tourmaline is a very hard, slow-eluting biocermic ball that releases FAR infrared energy,
lowering surface tension. Scale Guard is an NSF certified sequestering agent that is a highly effective
anti-scale media. It is in a slow-eluting crystal bead form and protects your ionizer from hard water damage.

ultrawater water ionizer filters Smart Shopper's Shortcut
What you need to know about filtration...

What good is healthy water if it isn’t also clean water? To that end, be thorough in your research. Watch out for slick marketing. One company offers “customized filtration." All they really do is give you a standard (and unsightly) three filter array (installed separate from your ionizer) regardless of where you live. You end up with the extra hassle and cost of five filters and external housings to change annually. If you don’t, you void your warranty. Another company touts .01 micron as its “UltraPlus,” best solution. A .01 micron filter sounds good, and can remove microbes, but is lousy at broad contaminant removal. We have sold them for 15 years and only recommend them if you are on untreated (well) water. Read on and you’ll learn about our UltraWater technology — the most thoroughly tested and safest option available.

Turbocharge your Filtration with UltraWater

When first released, turbochargers combined new and existing technologies in a novel way resulting in powerful and unprecedented performance. Similarly, UltraWater uses the industry’s proven top-performing medias, adds a new media in a cutting-edge application, and then creates a twist on existing manufacturing techniques. The result isn’t just an AlkaViva water filter. It’s a proprietary filtration technology that effectively “turbocharges” UltraWater.

UltraWater Filter Removes

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Hormones
  • Chromium VI
  • Chlorine
  • OTC Drugs
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chloramine
  • Trihalomethane
  • Preservatives
  • Herbicides
  • Volatile Organic Compounds